Noticeable Results

Is it realistic to wait 3-6 months for a product to work? We don’t think you should. Most people notice that NovaJoint™ begins working in the 1st week and results can be noticed in a matter of weeks, not months after starting with NovaJoint. Everyone is unique and depending upon your personal situation, cumulative benefits can be experienced through regular daily use.

Convenient & Easy to Take

Unlike other joint care products that require multiple daily doses or large difficult to swallow tablets, NovaJoint™ simplifies life with only 1 capsule per day as a maintenance dose, so you can just take it and move forward.

A Formula You Can Trust

NovaJoint™ is designed by a physician, board-certified by the American College of Nutrition with over 35 years of experience formulating science-based, clinical quality dietary supplements.

Finally there is a joint care product for discriminating individuals who may be allergic to shellfish, crustacean or other marine-derived ingredients (like glucosamine), or other allergens, or for people who simply choose not to consume pork, beef or slaughter house byproducts (like chondroitin).

See the list of ingredients commonly found in joint care products that you will NOT find in NovaJoint: What’s Not in NovaJoint.

Vegetarian Suitable

NovaJoint is the joint health supplement suitable for ovo-vegetarians and discriminating individuals who wish to avoid animal products like gelatin (softgels are typically made from pork and/or beef gelatin), slaugherhouse by-products (like chondroitin) and shellfish (primary source of glucosamine).

  • Vegetarian Capsule. NovaJoint’s capsule is made from plant-source cellulose, shaded naturally with chlorophyll to protect light sensitive ingredients.
  • Vegetarian Suitable Probiotics. Even our dairy-free probiotics are suitable for vegetarians.

Rapid Results

While individual results may vary, many people report noticeable results in just 7-10 days.

Make Freedom Your Goal

So if you’re serious about making a lifestyle change to help you stay active, make freedom your goal and put NovaJoint to work for you today. Whether you’re already taking supplements to nourish your joints or not, you may want to make NovaJoint an important part of your optimal wellness program. One small step today could make the difference for you.

What our Customers are Saying:

I first learned of Novajoint from Mike Malloy. Since I have been using Glucosamine/Chondroitin for a couple years without much benefit, I was skeptical of the Novajoint claims. But—what a pleasant suprise. Novajoint is actually effective at reducing joint pain in my hip (that eventually needs to have a replacement joint). Remarkable – your product actually works!

My husband had some Nova Joint and I tried it and got an almost instant relief after only a week’s use. I immediately sent for a 90 day supply and after two weeks of being on it, I must say I’m almost as good as new.

I also am noticing that my other joints seem to be working better too. I think age kind of creeps up on we active older folks and we don’t notice all the aches until they go away!

I was using a Gluco/Chlon supplement and didn’t really notice any difference. So I decided to try NovaJoint – I did the first 10 days with a double dose (day//night) and noticed that my knee felt much better. Now that I am about a month in to using it, I have increased my daily jog from about 4 miles to 9 miles. Suffice it to say, you gained a loyal customer.

I just re-ordered my 2nd 3-month supply of Navojoint and have very little (if any) knee pain anymore. I was just doing walking before, now I’m up to running an average of 7-11 miles 6 days a week. Including a lot of hill climbing.

It’s Amazing. In Fear Of Sounding Like A Common Commercial,I Finally Found Something That Really Works!

I believe that Nova Joint is reducing my long-standing knee pain, and my husband says that he has experienced less ankle pain since we began taking NovaJoint.