Here’s What’s in NovaJoint

  • Powerful Evidence-Based Ingredients

  • Science-Based Nutritional Alternative to Glucosamine & Chondroitin

  • NovaJoint delivers a beneficial combination of breakthrough ingredients including water soluble Eggshell Membrane to support healthy, flexible smooth gliding joints.

  • NovaJoint is the wholesome combination of primary nutrients your joints need to stay healthy – all in a single capsule.

Facts About Eggshell Membrane

What is Eggshell Membrane?

Eggshell Membrane is the protective layer lining the eggshell that you might peel away from a hardboiled egg. Unfortunately, you won’t get the joint support benefits from cooked eggshell membrane. A proprietary process carefully extracts the delicate membrane from the shell within minutes of cracking, so it can be purified into the nutraceutical used in NovaJoint.

Eggshell Membrane provides an innovative combination of primary nutrients joints need to stay healthy — all from a single source. Collagen, proteins, amino acids and glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) are essential building blocks of healthy joint tissues. These important joint-nourishing nutrients are found naturally in nutritious, water soluble eggshell membrane. While eggshell membrane is a phenomenal ingredient, we know that by itself it is simply not enough.

Highest Quality & Value

Ever wonder where the glucosamine & chondroitin in your supplement came from?

The eggshell membrane selected for NovaJoint has almost twice the protein content of NEM eggshell membrane – many key active ingredients are found in the protein content…that means the eggshell membrane in NovaJoint contains almost twice as much of these important biologically active natural compounds your body needs to rebuild cartilage, connective tissue, tendons and lubricate joints to support healthy joint structure and function.

For your peace of mind, NovaJoint is made with wholesome eggshell membranes harvested directly from USDA-inspected American farms. Every eggshell is completely traceable directly back to the very farm where it was raised. Membranes are gently extracted and purified using a proprietary process that yields a pure, water-soluble nutraceutical containing over 90% protein (where the actives are), with no artificial additives or preservatives.


Allergy, Sensitivity or Egg-Related Concerns

NovaJoint contains eggshell membrane, not the whole egg, egg white or egg yolk which are the primary source of egg allergies and other egg-related concerns, such as the cholesterol and saturated fat present in egg yolks.

Independent university laboratory tests conducted using standard food allergy antibody panels determined that eggshell membrane does not elicit a classic allergic response to eggs. While these tests are not necessarily 100% infallible and cannot be extrapolated to the entire population, they support a preliminary conclusion.

NovaJoint was carefully designed by a physician who spent decades practicing environmental/integrative medicine. We’ve taken special care to design this and all our other products to consider environmental sensitivities, as most all our products are sold to highly discriminating integrative medical practitioners who are concerned about patients’ unique sensitivities.

Purity is our goal.Purity is our goal. Here is the list of what you won’t find in NovaJoint: Click to see “What’s Not in NovaJoint“.

Healthy Cholesterol

Avoiding Eggs?

Eggshell membrane is not the same as the whole egg, egg white or egg yolk. All of the cholesterol in eggs is in the egg yolk. So consuming eggshell membrane should have no effect on cholesterol.

In fact, NovaJoint contains numerous ingredients with published scientific evidence supporting healthy cholesterol, lipid balance, heart & vascular health and wellness, and oxidative stress.

There have been no scientifically documented, medically monitored or confirmed cases in the scientific literature of Eggshell Membrane adversely impacting healthy cholesterol levels.

In addition to Eggshell Membrane, NovaJoint’s Comfort Blend contains a powerful combination of high quality researched ingredients, manufactured according to standards practiced by the pharmaceutical industry.


NovaJoint delivers high molecular weight Hyaluronic acid that functions as “Orally Available Joint Fluid.” High molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid helps maintain healthy joint fluid and optimizes mobility by supporting cartilage lubrication, promoting shock absorption & cushioning for smooth gliding, flexible joints.

Research shows that high molecular weight hyaluronic acid is preferred to low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, which is the typical lower cost hyaluronic acid found in many mass market joint care supplements.


NovaJoint contains a Triple Probiotic System with patented probiocap® technology (Bacillus coagulans, plus Lactobacillus casei probiocap® & Lactobacillus rhamnosus probiocap®) that are all dairy-free and vegan suitable.

We carefully selected the special probiotic strains in NovaJoint for their ability to survive harsh stomach acids and perform many beneficial functions within your digestive system*.

*The World Health Organization (WHO) defines probiotics as live microorganisms, which, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host.

Want to know more? Click here for more helpful information about PROBIOTICS.

NovaJoint is not a single ingredient product, rather a synergistic blend of evidence-based natural ingredients.


Boswellia is a natural product prized for thousands of years (Frankincense) to enhance health. The unique forms of Boswellia in NovaJoint can help your body regulate a lipoxygenase enzyme associated with inflammatory molecules that can be a trigger for joint stress.

No other joint health product delivers Triple Standardized Boswellia – three powerful active Boswellia fractions to ensure that you receive the highest quality Boswellia for protecting joint surfaces and to help you to regulate the balance of inflammatory compounds in the joint.

Why did we select all three?
Because published scientific research shows that joints respond to a comprehensive combination of all three fractions.


Lunasin is a unique peptide isolated from soy protein and thought to be the active molecule in soy protein that is responsible for many of the proven accepted health benefits associated with soy consumption. Latest research shows that Lunasin peptide may influence inflammatory processes.

I’m allergic to soy. Is consuming Lunasin a problem for people with an allergy to soy?

Unlikely. Lunasin is a small subunit of the 2S albumin fraction of soy and this fraction has been shown in a study* to not cause any allergic reaction in people with sensitivity to soy.

*Lin et al, The Potential Allergenicity of Two 2S Albumins from Soybean (Glycine Max): A Protein Microarray Approach; Int Arch of Allergy Immunol, 2006, 141:91-102.

What’s Special About Lunasin Peptide in Novajoint?

  • It is derived from Non-GMO soy;
  • it does not contain isoflavones which may interfere with hormone balance;
  • it is unfermented (important if you are sensitive to tyramine); and
  • it is so concentrated that NovaJoint provides the nutritional equivalent to the amount of natural Lunasin you would get from consuming up to 50g of soy protein.


Did you know that most Alpha Lipoic Acid is eliminated from the body within 30 minutes after taking it? Alpha Lipoic Acid is really beneficial, so it is important to keep it in your body as long as possible. NovaJoint contains a nutritional innovation…Sustained Release Alpha Lipoic Acid which has scientifically demonstrated 8-12 hour availability. This means that a single dose of NovaJoint delivers a steady supply of lipoic acid for up to 12 hours instead of being eliminated in minutes.

Alpha Lipoic Acid is a powerful antioxidant that can protect synovial membranes lining the joint surfaces from harmful oxidation that accelerates destruction of cartilage and joint tissues. No other joint care product contains Sustained Release Alpha Lipoic Acid.


Selenium is an important trace element the body can use to regulate inflammation. In preliminary research, the special form of Selenium used in NovaJoint (Selenomethionine) has demonstrated the capacity to support the healthy regulation of genes in cartilage cells (chondrocytes) responsible for the expression of inflammatory compounds. This may partly explain how Selenomethionine can foster the expression of cellular signals that help the body to maintain a healthy balance of inflammatory mediators, and comfort and safeguard joints by protecting healthy cartilage.


Published research has linked higher intake of boron in the diet to a lower incidence of joint problems, making boron an important mineral to maintain healthy bones and joints. Recent evidence on the role of boron at the cellular level indicates that it enhances cellular antioxidant defenses against lipid peroxidation and other harmful oxidants, helping to protect DNA. In bone cells, boron enhances the production of collagen and other important bone proteins required for bone strength and the normal repair process.


Tocotrienols are unique and potent forms of the natural Vitamin E family that function as exceptional antioxidants. Research shows that tocotrienols affect important cellular mechanisms that can protect cartilage and decrease inflammation markers associated with joint stress. The tocotrienols in NovaJoint are unique because they are water soluble, have improved bioavailability over other tocotrienols, are clinically tested and do not rely on food for absorption. The tocotrienols In NovaJoint also enhance the benefits of triple standardized Boswellia.


Vitamin D is beneficial for maintaining healthy bone strength and structure and is believed to play a role in the function of chondrocytes that produce proteoglycans and collagen, major components of cartilage. Vitamin D regulates the expression of genes required for calcium absorption, the normal repair of cartilage and the healthy balance of inflammatory molecules in the joint lining.