Dr. Jerry Schlesser

Why I Invented NovaJoint

Jerry Schlesser, ND, DC, DSc, CNS
Naturopathic & Chiropractic Physician, Doctor of Science
Board Certified Nutrition Specialist, American College of Nutrition

“Over the past 35 years, I’ve dedicated my professional career to designing clinical products for discriminating healthcare practitioners that make a difference.

Because joint health is an important concern as our population ages, I’ve researched nutrients that impact inflammation, joint health and comfort for the past three decades.

In the 1970s, I consulted with scientists who pioneered DMSO & MSM research in search of natural ingredients to support joint health. I studied glucosamine, chondroitin and many natural plant extracts with reputed benefits for joint health and pain support. None of the approaches I’ve explored over the past three decades show the promise I see with water soluble, high protein Eggshell Membrane. This is great news for 46 million people (1 in 5) who suffer daily from doctor-diagnosed arthritis, which is the most common cause of disability in the United States, according to the CDC.

I believe that water soluble, high protein Eggshell Membrane offers the most significant advance in joint healthcare support and is likely the most revolutionary joint health ingredient I’ve studied in the past 35 years.

That is why I developed NovaJoint’s comprehensive, joint care & pain support formula featuring water soluble, high protein Eggshell Membrane with targeted nutrients to offer the first fast-acting, evidence-based, clinical strength joint care supplement in a ‘once a day’ formula.”

About NovaNutrients

NovaNutrients' mission is to offer consumers a chance to purchase advanced formulations at affordable prices, in manageable and realistic doses. We don't expect people to swallow 6 capsules daily because we know it isn't realistic. We also don't expect you to pay for marketing, because we don't like mark ups either. We don't spend money to mail out expensive product catalogs so that we can offer the latest technology and highest quality available at competitive prices.

We have spent decades providing advanced dietary supplements to doctors who specialize in integrative medicine. NovaNutrients doesn’t offer generic vitamins, minerals and/or herbs readily available at grocery stores, at discount vitamin retailers and discount websites. We only offer uniquely formulated dietary supplements designed to optimize human performance.

When is Less More?

“Less” means fewer additives or nutritionally unnecessary ingredients. NovaNutrients makes every effort to produce products with no added yeast, wheat, corn, egg, soy, dairy, gluten, sugar, lactose, casein, artificial colors, artificial flavors, salt, starch, preservatives or other ingredients we find unnecessary and potentially allergenic. See the list of what’s not in our products on each label. Whenever a specialized ingredient is derived from one of these sources, the label will clearly inform you of this fact.

Whenever possible, our products are encapsulated in vegetarian gelatin capsules.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

Our supplements are manufactured in clean, strictly controlled and regulated manufacturing facilities that are licensed and inspected by the Food and Drug Administration and comply with good manufacturing practices (GMP) established by independent, third party certifying organizations.

We know precisely what goes into our products and, most importantly, we know what is in each capsule, tablet or lozenge. Our facility has a full scale Quality Assurance Team and Quality Control Department to monitor multiple steps of production.

Careful Evaluation

Upon arrival, each ingredient is subjected to a battery of tests to ensure that it meets our specifications for identity, purity and quality. A certificate of analysis is required for each ingredient. If any ingredient fails to meet our specifications, it is promptly rejected and never enters the manufacturing queue.

Premium Quality Ingredients & Product Freshness

We strive to use only the highest quality ingredients from reputable sources. We schedule our manufacturing runs more frequently even though this takes more time and effort, because it ensures that the product you receive is fresh and at its peak quality.

Nature's Variation

Change is inevitable. The natural botanical ingredients we use may vary from batch to batch, in appearance, color, taste and aroma just as plants vary in our outdoor environment. These differences do not necessarily affect the integrity of the ingredient; they are just a part of the cycle of nature. Each ingredient must still pass the Quality Assurance checks for identity, purity and quality.

Sustainability & the Environment

We care about what goes into your body just as much as we care about what goes into the environment. The materials we use in packaging and shipping your product are recyclable and can be disposed of as part of a responsible recycling program. We make regular donations to ecologically responsive organizations and support recycling at our headquarters and in our lives.

Minimizing our carbon footprint is very important to us. That is why we keep our supply chain as direct as possible. Our goal is to be mindful of sustainability while minimizing natural resource use.

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