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We all have a variety of bacteria in our digestive system -- some beneficial, some not so helpful.  From the day you were born, your digestive tract has been colonized by as many as 500 different species of bacteria to create a home for billions of bacteria.  One key to good intestinal health is maintaining a population of beneficial bacteria (like the bacterial cultures in real yogurt) to help maintain a healthy balance in the digestive tract.

Some of your intestinal bacteria are called probiotics or “beneficial flora" because they can:

  • Help to digest your food*
  • Help to maintain healthy bowel regularity*
  • Help maintain a healthy balance of intestinal flora*

Lifestyle could alter your intestinal balance by reducing the beneficial flora. But don’t worry, this isn’t permanent and you can make a change by supplementing beneficial bacteria, or probiotics.  The specialized probiotics in NovaJoint can help you maintain a balance of healthy beneficial intestinal flora.* 

Here are just a few lifestyle factors that could affect the balance of intestinal bacteria:

Diet:  Poor dietary choices can disrupt your digestive balance, like fats and sweets or diets low in fiber.  Adequate fiber, particularly soluble fiber, promotes the growth of beneficial intestinal flora.  Soluble fiber isn’t typically present in foods high in fat or sweets.  Try adding foods that provide some soluble fiber and insoluble fiber, drink a healthy amount of pure water and nutritious fluids daily and always eat slowly.  These are easy first steps to supporting balanced intestinal health.

Poor Food Prep:  Sometimes undercooked foods can allow salmonella and other unfriendly bacteria to survive.  This could alter the balance of beneficial (friendly) bacteria and unfriendly organisms.

Medications:  Some medications, like antibiotics, can have an adverse effect on the beneficial flora in your intestinal tract.  In fact, your doctor may suggest that you eat yogurt or take probiotics after a course of antibiotics to help restore the balance of beneficial flora.  Read your medication inserts carefully to see if any of your medications could affect gastrointestinal health and talk to your doctor about probiotics.

Changes in Diet:  If you plan to make major changes in your diet, being gradual will give your body time to adjust.

Travel:  Traveling exposes you to a whole new world of microorganisms that are not native to your home and work environment, which could affect your digestive balance.

Stress:  Stress reducing activities and a positive attitude can have a favorable effect on digestive health.

Age:  Digestive balance can change as you age.  Your beneficial flora (probiotics) decrease as you age. While there are many factors that could affect digestive balance, you may want to consider including probiotics in your personal wellness strategy.

NovaJoint™ contains three unique strains of beneficial flora to help support healthy intestinal balance.

What to Look for in a Probiotic Supplement

Can They Survive? 

Probiotic bacteria that don’t survive passage through your stomach, regardless of their numbers, will not be able to replicate and help balance your digestive tract.  Millions of probiotic flora in NovaJoint™ are designed to survive your stomach's highly acidic environment to arrive in your intestine viable and ready to help you maintain healthy digestive balance.

Will They Colonize? 

Even if probiotic flora manage to survive passage through the stomach and arrive in the GI tract alive, if they don't expand their colony, they won't be able to help balance your intestinal flora.  NovaJoint’s is formulated with patented probiocap® strains designed to survive and be healthy enough to begin multiplying after passage through your stomach. This helps you to maintain a healthy balance of intestinal flora.*

Can They Produce Lactic Acid? 

Production of the preferred L+ isomer of lactic acid is an important contribution of probiotics to help maintain a healthy digestive tract.  NovaJoint’s™ probiotics are selected meet this important criteria.*


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